Santa food

How many calories does Santa eat on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will be delivering presents to 1.6 billion children! If those children are evenly distributed across the world that means Santa will be travelling a distance of 510,000,000 km!

Santa is going to work up quite the appetite after climbing up and down all of those chimneys so it’s a good thing children always leave him some snacks to help keep him going.

These snacks normally take the form of cookies and milk. The cookies provide an instant sugar boost whilst the milk will provide Saint Nick with slower releasing form of energy. The perfect quick combo snack for a man in a hurry.

Just how many calories do all of those cookies and glasses of milk amount to? The answer may frighten you!

Let’s assume that every glass of milk is 200ml and that every house leaves 2 medium sized cookies for Santa.

The milk would be 87 calories, meanwhile the double serving of cookies would be 156 calories. In total, Santa would be consuming 243 calories at every house he visits.

So how many houses does he visit? Well, With an average of 2.5 children per household Santa will need to make 640 million stops.

640,000,000 x 243 = 155,520,000,000 billion calories!!!

After Christmas Day, Mrs Claus must surely get Santa on a low carb, low sugar, raw food, paleo, caveman diet to balance all the milky, chocalatey, biscuity goodness!

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