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Food Events in Birmingham in 2017!

Throughout the year, it’s always nice to try something new! Experience new cultures and try new and exciting food! It’s a shame that there isn’t a food festival every week – but there is one almost every month!

We’ve compiled a list of the highlights of the food festival calendar, from March to December! Unfortunately not every month can be filled with foody goodness, but there are some months with double servings! Enjoy!


4th March – Solihull’s Fairtrade Cake-Off

Lots of different categories from cupcakes to show stoppers, all of which must contain at two Fairtrade ingredients! Judges include Amari Koryang, winner of CBBC Bake Off 2015

25th March – Holi-Rave

The return of the Holi Rave means it’s getting time to mark the arrival of Spring! You can always count on finding some amazing street food from all over the Midlands here!


15th-18th June – BBC Good Food Show

Michelin-star chef Glynn Purnell will be appearing at the NEC for the BBC Good Food Show 2017. As the face of Saturday Kitchen, you’ll definitely experience some delightful food!

30th June-1st July – Colmore Food Festival

Glynn Purnell is back again is helping to officially launch the Colmore Food Festival. This annual celebration attracts 30,000 visitors to help celebrate food in the heart of Colmore Business District, filled with bars and cafes.


26th-28th August – Lichfield Food Festival

Your Bank Holiday weekend just got very busy! You can expect a massive selection of food and drink stalls, free cookery demonstrations, street food, pop-up coffee and so much more in Lichfield City Centre!


Date TBC – Birmingham Chilli Festival

Visit at your peril! Be prepared to taste some of the hottest sauces, foods and chocolates you could find! See if you can spot Chilli Queen Lou Witterick challenging new contenders for the Chilli eating competition.


3rd-5th November – Cake International

Ideal for cake lovers – eaters or makers! You can find some of the most amazingly detailed cakes in the NEC! Want to know what your favourite celebrity looks like in cake form – you’re bound to find out!


Date TBC – Birmingham German Market

It’s back once again! Enjoy exquisite German food and culture in this month long festive treat! The date is yet to be confirmed, but hopefully it will continue all the way up to Christmas Day again!


Are you attending of these food festivals, or know of anymore? Let us know in the comments!


The UK Bhangra Awards 2016 take place this weekend!

Bhangra originates from the Punjab region in India and Pakistan. In its earliest form it was a celebratory folk dance, but after a movement in the 1970s’s by UK-based Punjabi bands, it is now a fusion of the traditional sounds of Punjab and contemporary British music.

The UK Bhangra awards is an annual red carpet event that celebrates not only music, but all of the contributions by British Asians in the entertainment, editorial and online media industries.

The event takes place in the luxurious Regency Suite, Birmingham on Saturday 19th November and will feature live performances from the likes of Bhangra All Stars, Holle Holle and Jassi Premi.


Here is a full list of the nominees:


  • Apna Des Weekly UK – UKBA101
  • Asian World News – UKBA102
  • Asians UK – UKBA103
  • Eastern Eye – UKBA104
  • Jagatwani – UKBA105
  • The Asian Today – UKBA106


  • com – UKBA201
  • com – UKBA202
  • com – UKBA203
  • com – UKBA204
  • com – UKBA205
  • com – UKBA206


  • Amarjit Amar (Radio XL) – UKBA301
  • Dipps Bhamrah (BBC Asian Network) – UKBA302
  • Jagdeep Rainu (Sabras Radio) – UKBA303
  • Mick St. Clair (Raaj FM) – UKBA304
  • Paramjit Pammi (Asian Star Radio) – UKBA305
  • Vishal Johal (Panjab Radio) – UKBA306


  • Abrar Mughal (Geo News) – UKBA401
  • Asad Shan (Zing) – UKBA402
  • Jagdeep Rainu (Venus TV) – UKBA403
  • Mohanjit Basra (Akaal Channel) – UKBA404
  • Nitin Ranpuria (B4U Music) – UKBA405
  • Sukhi Bart (BritAsia TV) – UKBA406


  • Bambi Bains (Road) – UKBA501
  • Zeus (Road) – UKBA502
  • Roach Killa (Road) – UKBA503
  • Shide Boss (Amar Akbar & Tony) – UKBA504
  • Shin DCS (Laila – The Musical) – UKBA505
  • Shizzio (Gangsters Gamblers & Geezers) – UKBA506


  • Calibar Roadshow – UKBA601
  • Dhol n Bass Roadshow – UKBA602
  • DNA Roadshow – UKBA603
  • Jags Klimax Roadshow – UKBA604
  • Kudos Roadshow – UKBA605
  • Sting Roadshow – UKBA606


  • Beat Alliance – UKBA 701
  • Dhol Blasters – UKBA 702
  • Drumline Entertainment – UKBA 703
  • Eternal Taal – UKBA 704
  • Ministry of Dhol – UKBA 705
  • Team Dips – UKBA 706


  • 4×4 Bhangra – UKBA 801
  • Asli Baharan Punjab Diyan – UKBA 802
  • Gabhru Panjab De – UKBA 803
  • Haripa Dance Group – UKBA 804
  • Lions of Punjab – UKBA 805
  • Nachda Sansaar – UKBA 806


  • Big John’s Birmingham Mela – UKBA 901
  • Glasgow Mela – UKBA 902
  • Leicester Mela – UKBA 903
  • Luton Mela – UKBA 904
  • Manchester Mela – UKBA 905
  • Sandwell & Birmingham Mela – UKBA 906


  • Amrit Saab – UKBA 1001
  • Balkar Laltonwala – UKBA 1002
  • Jandu Littranwala – UKBA 1003
  • Satti Khokhewalia – UKBA 1004
  • Sohan Bhokriwala – UKBA 1005
  • Taari Banwalipuria – UKBA 1006


  • Aman Hayer – UKBA 1101
  • Zeus – UKBA 1102
  • Manj Musik – UKBA 1103
  • Manni Sandhu – UKBA 1104
  • Tigerstyle – UKBA 1105#
  • Tru-Skool – UKBA 1106


  • Bally Gill – UKBA 1201
  • Ranesh Bhutta – UKBA 1202
  • Steven Sahota – UKBA 1203
  • Sunil Kalyan – UKBA 1204
  • Trav Panesar – UKBA 1205
  • Tubsy Dholki Walla – UKBA 1206


  • Bhangra All Stars Band – UKBA 1301
  • Jaz Dhami Live Band – UKBA 1302
  • Jazzy B & The Boys – UKBA 1303
  • RSVP Bhangra Band – UKBA 1304
  • The Entourage Live Band – UKBA 1305
  • The Legends Band– UKBA 1306


  • E3UK – UKBA 1401
  • Envy Worldwide – UKBA 1402
  • Moviebox – UKBA 1403
  • The Soundpipe Records – UKBA 1404
  • UK Music Records – UKBA 1405
  • VIP Records – UKBA 1406


  • Banger & MoneySpinner ft Sudesh Kumari – Baari Barsi – UKBA 1501
  • Benny Dhaliwal ft Harj Nagra – Desi Yaar – UKBA 1502
  • Jaz Dhami & Jatinder Shah – Munda Like Me – UKBA 1503
  • Manj Musik ft Amy Jackson & Raftaar – Lak Hilaade – UKBA 1504
  • Roach Killa & Jazzy B ft Dr. Zeus – Dynamite – UKBA 1505
  • Sukshinder Shinda – Selfie Craze – UKBA 1506


  • Jaz Dhami & Jatinder Shah – Munda Like Me – UKBA 1601
  • Malkit Singh & DJ Vix – Selfie Boliyan – UKBA 1602
  • Panjabi MC ft Sahib – Picha Ni Chad De – UKBA 1603
  • PBN & Raj Bains – Billi Akh – UKBA 1604
  • Roach Killa & Jazzy B ft Dr. Zeus – Dynamite – UKBA 1605
  • Sukshinder Shinda – Selfie Craze – UKBA 1606


  • Achanak – Game Set & Nach – UKBA 1701
  • Balbir Bhujhangy – Suit Tera Sona Lagda – UKBA 1702
  • Desi Dark Child – Reggae Feast – UKBA 1703
  • Jagz Kang – Resurrection – UKBA 1704
  • Manni Sandhu – Welcome to the Future – UKBA 1705
  • Tru-Skool/Ashok Prince – One Time 4 Ya Mind – UKBA 1706


  • Anna Heer – UKBA 1801
  • Harry Sandhu – UKBA 1802
  • Jagz Kang – UKBA 1803
  • Jeet Kaur – UKBA 1804
  • Lucky Rai – UKBA 1805
  • Sukh Cheema – UKBA 1806


  • Jaswinder Jassi – UKBA 1901
  • Mani Kaur – UKBA 1902
  • Rameet Kaur – UKBA 1903
  • Roma – UKBA 1904
  • Sakina – UKBA 1905
  • Sona Walia – UKBA 1906


  • Badal Talwan – UKBA 2001
  • Banger – UKBA 2002
  • Benny Dhaliwal – UKBA 2003
  • Jaz Dhami – UKBA 2004
  • Malkit Singh – 2005
  • Sukhshinder Shinda – UKBA 2006


  • Hard Kaur – UKBA 2101
  • Mumzy Stranger– UKBA 2102
  • Navin Kundra – UKBA 2103
  • Roach Killa – UKBA 2104
  • Taz Stereo Nation – UKBA 2105
  • Zack Knight – UKBA 2106


  • Diljit Dosanjh – UKBA 2201
  • Gurdas Maan – UKBA 2202
  • Jazzy B – UKBA 2203
  • Lehmber Hussainpuri – UKBA 2204
  • Ranjit Bawa – UKBA 2205
  • Sudesh Kumari – UKBA 2206


  • Apache Indian – UKBA 2301
  • Azaad – UKBA 2302
  • Holle Holle – UKBA 2303
  • Kanika Kapoor – UKBA 2304
  • Malkit Singh MBE – UKBA 2305
  • Panjabi MC – UKBA 2306
  • Premi – UKBA 2307
  • Shaktee – UKBA 2308
  • Shava Shava – UKBA 2309
  • Shortie – UKBA 2310


A.S. Kang (UK) – UKBA 2401

  • Balbir Bhujhangy – UKBA 2402
  • Channi Singh MBE – UKBA 2403
  • Jandu Littranwala – UKBA 2404
  • Kuljit Bhamra MBE – UKBA 2405
  • Mangal Singh – UKBA 2406


Good luck to all the nominees; it is a certainty that the night will be fantastic one! Who do you think will take home an award? Let us know in the comments below!


Tomato, the Key Ingredient for Beautiful Skin

Tomatoes are a household staple but many are unaware of the huge cosmetic benefits that the fruit will yield. They are rich in selenium and lycopene; both of which are antioxidants. Selenium aids the fight against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots. Lycopene, on the other hand, counteracts cellular damage and reddening of the skin. Skin with higher levels of lycopene will have a reduced inflammatory response to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Tomatoes also allow your skin to consume more oxygen which is preventative against ageing and wrinkling. But the benefits don’t end there as the tomatoes can serve as a number of different treatments:

  • Acne reduction – tomatoes have a high level of acidity and contain Vitamins A and C which are ingredients found in a lot of acne medication.
  • Shrinking of pores – the smaller the pores are on your skin, the less access dirt will have of contaminating it or oils will have to clog them up.
  • Tighter clearer skin – tomatoes are an astringent, reduce oily skin and help battle blackheads.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on beauty products when you can be creative at home with tomatoes and other foods found in most kitchens. Here are a few examples of some tomato concoctions you can create with ease.


Tomato Cucumber Facemask

Cucumbers are also rich in antioxidants but, more importantly, moisture. 95% of a cucumber is comprised of water meaning it will effectively hydrate your skin and thwart oiliness. Try this mask for a rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

Tomato and Avocado Facemask

For those disposed with oily and dry skin this could be the perfect facemask for you. The astringent properties of the tomato combined with the moisturising characteristics of the avocado will work in tandem to leave skin oil free and as smooth as silk.

Tomato Honey Facemask

If you’re looking to brighten dull skin, try combining tomatoes with honey. Honey is a natural humectant i.e. it locks moisture into the skin cells which will defend your skin from bacteria, germs and prevent breakouts from occurring.


In your next shop be sure to add a few tomatoes to your basket; they are currently selling at only 11p each!

Eid Mubarak from Mr Mango Delivery

Eid Mubarak From Mr Mango Delivery!

Mr Mango Delivery wishes you a Happy Eid:

Eid is but a few days away! We’re so close to the bi-annual Muslim celebration that you can almost hear the children screaming, demanding their Eid money! This Eid is the second (and final) Eid celebration of 2016, so you know it’s going to be a big one.

What exactly is the meaning of Eid though? People often ask throw this question in our direction so we thought it would be fitting to share our views with you.

For us, Eid consists of three main elements:

  • Family – Surrounding yourself with those you love
  • Food – Eating good, being thankful for what you have
  • Fun – Enjoying yourself and counting your blessings

Generally speaking, life is made up of small moments. Regardless of whether you’re having a family barbeque, embracing a loved one with a hug or simply being welcomed with a warm smile this Eid; its these small occasions that make the days so much better. Remember to cherish every second this Eid!

Could Eid really get any better than this? Oh, wait, yes it can!

You thought Eid was great before, but now you also just saved a lot of money on your Eid shopping. We have an amazing offer on a 20KG Salaam Basmati Rice, currently ONLY £10.99! That’s significantly cheaper than any supermarket or store price, and we’re offering this exclusively to all of you lovely people.


Not only are you saving time, but you’re also avoiding those long pre-Eid queues! Everything you order is delivered in YOUR time, with quick delivery to ensure you can get on with the important things. Worry free shopping is the best, and if you haven’t tried it then it’s time to change that today! Let Mr Mango Delivery alleviate some of your stress this Eid, order from us today and have a truly joyful celebration this coming Eid.


The Mr Mango Delivery Team!

Before you go, we want YOU to answer a question in the poll in the top right corner: Do you think it’s fine to allow the slaughter of animals in England? It’s a controversial topic and we would love to know what you think about it…

Birmingham Big Johns Eid Mela 2016

Birmingham Big Johns Eid Mela 2016

Mr Mango at the Birmingham Big Johns Eid Mela 2016!

Good evening Mango fans (or Mango minions)? Think we’ll go with Mango Minions…let’s try that again;

Good evening Mango Minions! How are you all? We hope you’re feeling good on this lovely Thursday. If you couldn’t guess it from the title, today’s short blog post is about the Birmingham Big Johns Eid Mela. On Sunday 31st July, Mr Mango and company were managing the Mango stall, where we connected with so many lovely people. Meeting all of you was the best part, we truly love you all!

Everyone from Mr Mango Delivery had a great time, seeing numerous people from our amazing community. There was Qasim from Wow Zone, the Pathway2Grow team, Ifraz from TheAsianToday, to name but a few.

Qasim and Co

Aside from our stall, there were many other businesses there and some great entertainment! Some memorable acts include Bonafide, Asif Khan, Juggy D, Zack Knight, Rameet Kaur, B21 and Roma.

Celebrating Asian culture with sports, art, entertainment and, most importantly, FOOD. Yes, there was an amazing amount of food which satisfied hundreds of stomachs for the day. Not only was there a lot of South Asian food, there was also Chinese, Italian, Caribbean and English cuisine. Canon Hill Park was really vibrant and there was an amazing buzz in the atmosphere!

Overall, it was certainly an event to remember and Mr Mango Delivery is happy to have been a part of such an amazing community gathering. We had genuine fun, it was amazing to see so many like-minded people together for one of the biggest gatherings in Birmingham this year. We can’t make any guarantees, however, we’re really positive that we’ll see you all there next year!

If you’d like to see some awesome photos from the big day, they’re up on Facebook (simply click the image below).

Thank you for reading this article, we really hope you enjoyed it. We just have one question for you before you leave, did you attend the Big John’s Eid Mela this year?!

Win a £50 voucher

Win a £50 voucher to spend on our website!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some really exciting news for you all! As stated before, you can find information about the latest offers, news updates, competitions and more on the Mr Mango Delivery blog section. We’re glad you’re here! Anyway, moving on to the good news…

Today Mr Mango is here to tell you that you can win a £50 voucher to spend on the MrMangoDelivery website! It gets better because we’ll deliver your order straight to your door. Enter the competition from the comfort of your home and receive the products at a time that’s convenient for you. What could be better?!

We have been working with Roz from thefoodiecoupleblog to set this up, so thank you for all your help Roz, you’ve been amazing. We’re also really proud to have an independent blogger like Roz reviewing Mr Mango Delivery’s service (which you can read here).

Finally, the bit you want to know! To enter the competition, simply click this link and follow the instructions. Remember, your chances of winning increase if you follow all of the instructions…

It is recommended that you follow Mr Mango Delivery on Facebook and Twitter if you’re a fan of fun competitions and challenges! The links are below…



And that’s a wrap! Today’s blog post was just a quick update on how you can enter our awesome competition. We hope you have a great day and enjoy lovely weather for days to come. Until next time…

Ramadan Offers

Mr Mango Ramadan Offers

Mr Mango Ramadan Offers:

Welcome back to Mr Mango’s blogging space! Here you can find the latest news, competitions and offers about Mr Mango Delivery…which brings us to today’s topic. We have something AMAZING to tell you, let’s get right into the news!

Today’s blog post brings you very good news! Some of your Ramadan essentials like KTC Vegetable Oil and East End Pure Butter Ghee have been significantly reduced, making iftaar time even better!

Here are some of the best offers from our selection:

NOTE: We have a total of 42 offers on the website. Make sure you don’t miss out on some amazing savings this Ramadan!

Not only will you be getting these items at a discounted rate, they will all be delivered straight to your door! We all know how frustrating last minute shopping can be prior to Ramadan, large queues, rushing from store to store and other general worries (such as low stock) can cause a lot of stress. Why not avoid that stress altogether, relax and wait for Mr Mango to deliver the goods to you? We take on all of the hard work of getting the products to you so you can enjoy more time with your family.


Mr Mango Delivery Rice Offer

Welcome to Mr Mango Delivery, your local delivery wala!

Welcome to Mr Mango Delivery, your local delivery wala!

So our new website has been live for just under 2 weeks and we thought we’d now take the opportunity to create our first OFFICIAL blog post! As you know, there are a lot of things going on in this space, so we wanted to tell you how crucial it is that you follow us very closely! The best way to stay in contact with us would be to follow us on all of our social media platforms…




If you follow us on these platforms we’ll keep you updated on our latest offers, competitions and much more. DON’T FORGET – We have our amazing launch offer which is a 20kg bag of Karam Pakistani Basmati Rice for ONLY £8.99 (RRP £17.99). The offer will end soon as it is only available for the first 50 orders, so if you don’t buy now you’ll risk losing out!

We have some amazing things planned, follow us on our journey! Thank you for reading and have a great day 🙂