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Eid Mubarak from Mr Mango Delivery

Eid Mubarak From Mr Mango Delivery!

Mr Mango Delivery wishes you a Happy Eid:

Eid is but a few days away! We’re so close to the bi-annual Muslim celebration that you can almost hear the children screaming, demanding their Eid money! This Eid is the second (and final) Eid celebration of 2016, so you know it’s going to be a big one.

What exactly is the meaning of Eid though? People often ask throw this question in our direction so we thought it would be fitting to share our views with you.

For us, Eid consists of three main elements:

  • Family – Surrounding yourself with those you love
  • Food – Eating good, being thankful for what you have
  • Fun – Enjoying yourself and counting your blessings

Generally speaking, life is made up of small moments. Regardless of whether you’re having a family barbeque, embracing a loved one with a hug or simply being welcomed with a warm smile this Eid; its these small occasions that make the days so much better. Remember to cherish every second this Eid!

Could Eid really get any better than this? Oh, wait, yes it can!

You thought Eid was great before, but now you also just saved a lot of money on your Eid shopping. We have an amazing offer on a 20KG Salaam Basmati Rice, currently ONLY £10.99! That’s significantly cheaper than any supermarket or store price, and we’re offering this exclusively to all of you lovely people.


Not only are you saving time, but you’re also avoiding those long pre-Eid queues! Everything you order is delivered in YOUR time, with quick delivery to ensure you can get on with the important things. Worry free shopping is the best, and if you haven’t tried it then it’s time to change that today! Let Mr Mango Delivery alleviate some of your stress this Eid, order from us today and have a truly joyful celebration this coming Eid.


The Mr Mango Delivery Team!

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